Eating in Curaçao: my recommendations

Curaçao is often synonymous with great hotels, resorts, incredible beaches, casinos and shopping, many purchases.

I do not like resorts, or casinos, much less go shopping to buy things I do not need. I like to know what the place where I'm traveling is, what its inhabitants do, how they live, where they go, where they walk, where they buy their food.

And of course, I like to eat.

So, for this trip I did a little research on what to eat in Curaçao , with the good fortune that the hotel manager where I stayed gave me quite a few gastronomic tips (it even took me to dinner an excellent place).

My lunch in Curaçao started with the hotel breakfast. Every morning I had a number of fruits, Dutch deli, incredible cheeses, especially goat, breads, jams and the choice of banana pancakes or omelettes. I have never had such a good breakfast anywhere outside my house.

Then, depending on my day's activities, I had lunch downtown or on the beach.

On the beach, on the sides of the Sea Aquarium, there are fish sandwiches for $ 11. Cheap and rich. Anything more expensive is unnecessary, you are on the beach for God.

In the center of the city, a few meters from the floating bridge I ate a fish dish for 2 people, for 24 dollars (12 per person), not counting the refreshment. Where? on the tables that are close to the sea, which are frequented by tourists.

Super fresh fish, accompanied by French fries and salad. The plate in the photo had snapper, dorado and grouper, all in one.

At another place called The GrillKing, located at "The Water Fort Terrace" I had grilled fish for $ 17, accompanied again with French fries. They also had fish sandwiches for $ 10. A bit more expensive, but the location, its incredible ocean view, deserves the extra cost.

If you walk and get into the narrow streets of downtown, you can get places to eat a main course + companion (they are always French fries) + refreshment for 8 or 9 dollars .

Also near downtown, next to the Round Market, is what was the old market, which is now a large dining room, with long tables where you can eat Creole dishes, truly native of Curaçao . Of course, you'll be hot.

In In front of this place, I saw a Surinamese food restaurant that caught my attention but when I passed it was closed.

And speaking of Surinamese food, Curaçao has a large community of people from this country, as well as a lot of Chinese and Indonesians. In fact, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants on the island.

It is common then, to see places like this, in less touristy areas:

Now, do you want to try some great dishes? Read below.

Three recommendations for dining in Curaçao

Fishalicious: located on Loostrat Street, near Hotel Avila, it is a popular restaurant in the island to which many Dutch people go.When I went I asked for a Leon fish, do you know what this fish is? The one that is destroying the autochthonous species of the Caribbean Sea, so that COMEMETELO NO REMORDIMIENTO . Also, his meat is incredible. They serve it with sautéed rice and Chinese beans.

Ask for an entry such as crab cakes with lobster or salmon tartar. Price? 35-40 dollars per person approximately.

Roozendaels: is next to the Villa Tokara hotel (which was where I stayed), and very close to Fishalicious. They have several dishes with Asian and Creole trends.

The pasta with shrimp, red curry and parmesan cheese that I ordered will never be forgotten. It had a mix of flavors directly influenced by Thai cuisine. Medium spicy Approximate price per person: 25-30 dollars.

Third place that I am going to recommend, was the one that took me to the girl in charge of the hotel where I stayed. It is the restaurant of the Hotel Klooster, the place is called Augustinus Grand Café and its marvel lies in its chef Michel Grant, from Suriname.

They serve dishes with Asian influences, and some directly from there, like the Indonesian soup I took, it was called Soto Ajam . It's chicken, it has rice, cilantro, sweet soy sauce from Indonesia and it's pretty spicy. Excellent.

The second dish I ordered was from Suriname , it was called Nasi Grant and it was fried rice, very similar to classic Chinese stir-fried rice, with soy sauce and chicken and beef skewers accompanied with a sweet unforgettable sweet peanut sauce.


Average price per person: $ 35.