Buen Gusto Restaurant: Chinese food in Madrid

It is not difficult to get Chinese restaurants in Madrid. But be careful, you are likely to get a huge fiasco if you go anywhere at random.

However, you can achieve it, you can find the full happiness of savoring a delicious dish and wanting to ask for everything what they offer you in the letter to know if it is just as good. And a good candidate where you can get this is the Restaurant Buen Gusto .

This Chinese restaurant is located on Paseo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza # 60, a few blocks from the metro from Palos de la Frontera (L3), near the center of Madrid.

The place is large. It is decorated as if it were a party room and has a photo of the King of Spain with the owners of the place. Detail.

Point in favor: Chinese go to eat in this place.

 good taste Chinese restaurant in Madrid

The letter is huge, there are too many options to try, of all kinds of price. You can order dishes of more than 20 euros, until eating a menu of the day for 12 euros that includes 3 courses, drink and dessert.

And here I give you a recommendation: the menu of the day is a bit normal, It is not the most delicious place. If you want to eat really excellent, go to the part of the menu where the fish and seafood are and ask for what you want. You will do well.

From what I ordered the day I visited the restaurant, the laurels were taken to the duck in sauce with mushrooms and rice. Both geniales.

The cream of seafood was quite good, however the prawns with vegetables were very normal.

What to eat at the restaurant Buen Gusto

  • Sea bass in sweet and sour sauce
  • Rice with dried vegetables
  • Chinese bacon
  • Duck in mushroom sauce

Thanks to Gorka (@drakko) for the recommendation of this Chinese restaurant in Madrid.

Buen Gusto Restaurant: Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza 60. Schedules : every day from 12:00 to 16:30 and from 19:30 to 1:00. Visit their website.