Strolling through the markets in Curaçao

markets in curacao

As always, I travel like to go to the supermarkets and municipal markets to see what I am with. Willemstad was no exception.

On the second day of my stay in Curacao (or Curacao) my friend Linda took me to a Dutch supermarket belonging to a chain called Albert Heijn.

albert heijn

The place is frequented only by inhabitants of the island. The number of tourists that goes is close to zero.

The vast majority of products are imported from the Netherlands. The only local production is some vegetables and the odd American bauble.

packed vegetablesfruits

I was happy in the spice section. They have Indonesian, Hindi ingredients ... in different sizes and presentations. Not bad.


There is a section for vegetarians, where You can buy your soy meats, and various proteins, ready to cook.

veggie in curacao

For those of us who are carnivores, the offer is greater.


I was struck by the "BBQ Worst Indian" sausages from the grill section.


Charcuterie, by the bunch.

Dutch charcuterie

And Dutch cheeses, all you want!

Dutch cheeses

Cereals, many.

Strolling through the markets in Curaçao

I did not leave there without buying some goat cheese, Dutch cookies and a couple of interesting spices.

The new market ( Round Market)

My next stop was the Round Market (or New market) , which is a market located near the center of the city in the area called Punda. It is frequented by curious residents and tourists. The place is not very big, it is roofed and has many entrances in its perimeter.

It is popular, hot and a little messy. Opposed completely to Albert Heijn . But this is not bad at all, it has its charm, and strolling is to find a bit with the pace of life of the inhabitants of the island.

 new market punda

They range from fresh fish and vegetables, to typical tourist memories. There are also stalls to pick up some local food.

fish new market vegetables new market

Outside, a few meters away is the floating market , which are basically Venezuelan merchants , with their respective products, which arrive in their boats to sell.

What is achieved? More vegetables, malt, flour bread, etc. All Venezuelan.

floating market

Of course, there are other markets in Curacao I saw several more, some small ones similar to a supply. In fact I entered one on the other side of the city (the zone of Otro Banda) and the level of disorder was such that it did not cause me to take the camera to take photos.