Tarascan soup, recipe from Michoacán

It is said that the Tarascan soup has its origin in the city of Morelia, in the Mexican state of Michoacán.

It is not an old recipe. In fact, it must be around 50 years old, and yet it is known throughout the country. Personally, it reminds me of the recipe for tortilla soup, but with the delicious and characteristic taste of beans.

Tarascan soup recipe

that to prepare this recipe, we will need three things.

The first is a pot or pan of good size, because then, it will have to contain all the soup.

The second is Among the ingredients of the Tarascan soup is the chicken broth. So, for a homemade and really natural Tarascan soup, I recommend you prepare our chicken broth recipe in the first place.

The third one is that we will also need tortillas, so if you want to prepare them at home, I recommend our corn tortilla recipe.

Tarascan soup recipe from Michoacan

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 Tarascan soup recipe from Michoacan
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Bean tarascan soup

Step by step cooking recipe to prepare this regional Mexican dish: the Tarascan soup with beans s bayos.Then, we will cut them into strips.
  • In the case of tomatoes, we will cut them in pieces (they do not have to be regular, because later we are going to cook them).
  • Now, peel the onion, remove the ends and chop it in small cubes. We will also peel the garlic cloves and chop them very finely, or we will crush them.
  • Then, heat a pan or large pot, with a splash of oil. There we will fry the chiles for about 5 minutes, over medium-high heat, but stirring frequently so they do not burn.
  • After the indicated time, we will remove the hot peppers and we will reserve them.
  • We will resume the cooking in the pan or pot, and if necessary, we will add more oil. The next thing we will do, already with the hot oil, will be to cook the garlic and the onion, with the fire between medium and low.
  • Let's cook for about five minutes. Meanwhile, we will use to pass the cooked beans, the chiles we had reserved and the tomatoes -retried by a kitchen robot, to obtain a puree (we will reserve a little bit of the fried chiles for the decoration).
  • When the onions begin to turn transparent, add the purée and fry it.
  • After five minutes, pour the chicken stock and season with the pepper, the oregano, the two leaves of laurel and a touch of salt to taste. We will also add the epazote, well washed, if we have decided to use it.
  • We will mix a let Let the soup boil. When this point is reached, we will make sure that the fire is very low, and let it cook for twenty minutes, covered.
  • While the Tarascan soup is cooking, we will use it to prepare the tortillas. We will cut them into strips and heat a pan, over medium heat, with a little oil. We will fry the strips for a few minutes, but not abuse, so they do not harden. The goal is only to brown.
  • When removing the tortillas from the pan, We will leave them in a dish covered with a sheet of absorbent paper, to remove the excess fat.
  • Once the time for cooking the soup has passed, we will taste the seasoning, and if necessary, we will correct it with more salt, pepper or herbs. We can also remove the herbs, or else, we will simply be careful that the laurel and the epazote do not go over to the dishes where we will serve it.
  • Save some pieces of tortilla to place on the surface of the soup, with the pieces of chili previously reserved.
  • Presentation of the Tarascan soup

    There is no law regarding the decoration of Tarascan soup. However, there is a tendency to decorate it as if it were an omelette soup.You can also decorate with some grains of bay beans.

    Tips for preparing the Tarascan soup

    • When you choose the tomatoes or red tomatoes for this recipe, try to make them tomatoes meaty This is important so that at the time of cooking, do not lose most of it in the form of evaporated or drained juice.
    • If you do not get fresh chiles, but only get dried chiles, instead of frying them, soak them. strips in boiling water, so that they rehydrate slightly. Let them soak between 5 and 8 minutes.
    • Some people do not grind the cooked beans, but leave them whole in the soup. This is up to each chef, and in any case, the result will be very rich.